Knight Rider Consulting provides custom software development and engineering services. We offer custom application development, work flow automation, software re-engineering, and more.

Application Development

We specialize in the development of dynamic software applications that automate business processes and allow efficient communications between employees, partners and customers. We utilizes the latest development technologies (Java, .NET, and WidgetWeb) to design custom applications to meet your unique business requirements.

We can also provide team programming for large projects, or individual programmers to complement your own projects as independent contractors.

Web Application Development

We have been building, hosting, and supporting web applications for years. We specialize in applications built and deployed upon the WidgetWeb framework.

We can build custom Widget's for WidgetWeb as well as extending the WidgetWeb framework to provide additional functionaliry.

Software Re-Engineering

We can assist you with:

  • Evaluation & analysis of existing code
  • Recommendation on improving existing features and adding new ones
  • Scaling up of applications to support greater number of users
  • Refactoring existing code to be more flexible and easier to maintain

Training and Technical Support

We offer documentation, training and support services designed to ensure your project gets executed efficiently and successfully. We understand the pitfalls of training & technical support, and we know how to prevent them from bogging down your goals. 

Knight Rider Consulting is a full-service consulting firm with experience in a variety of industries. We provide solutions of all sizes, including simple desktop and web-based applications, large-scale web services, application hosting, technical support services, and more. Contact Knight Rider Consulting today to design & build a solution to your specifications.