Our Accelerator course is a 12-week, 5-days per week, full-stack software development course taught by senior software engineers with decades of professional software development experience.

During the first 4 weeks of the course, the students participate in intensive classroom training in the morning, then apply their new knowledge by writing code in the afternoon.

During the last 8 weeks of the course, the students are split up into teams that work on a low-risk greenfield product for your company. The students will use their newly acquired skills to build, deploy, and monitor the product in a production environment, releasing new features on a daily basis.

A day in the life of an Accelerator student

A regular day in this program usually starts at 8 am, and ends at­ 6 pm.

The slots from 9 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm to 5 pm are core working hours.­­

Daily schedule

We follow the “Energized Work” principle. That means ­having a clear work/life balance outside of these working hours. Every student comes to work well-rested and gives their best during the core project hours, then stops working and enjoys their time off, no working late.­

The first hour in the morning and the last hour in the afternoon can be­ used ­to catch up on specific topics or, if necessary, to request some one-on-one coaching from an instructor.

From 12 to 2 pm is Siesta time. Besides having a healthy lunch, students should use­ this time to have a workout or as another opportunity to fine-tune their newly acquired skills.

A week in the life of an Accelerate student

A week in this program is structured like a regular software project week.

We ­kick the week off with the Iteration Planning ceremony, where we set the iteration goal. Then we start delivering one feature after another while working in pairs.

Once a week, we will have a Refinement ceremony to prepare new User Stories for the upcoming iterations.

And at the end of the week, we showcase our product increment in the Review ceremony to get valuable feedback.

“Continuous Improvement” is an important principle of the Accelerator course, and we use the weekly Retrospective ceremony to reflect and come up with action items to improve the­ upcoming iterations.­ The goal is to get better and better at delivering value to end-users.